Torpedo Room 

Sketch by: Paul Harden, ET1(SS), Gold Crew NavET 1970-76

Artist's Notes: A sketch of the Torpedo Room looking forward through the hatch from the Crew's Mess and Forward Escape Trunk. I remember sitting on the steps leading into the Torpedo Room a couple of times to do this, but never really did the detail I wanted. Also, remember the old favorite of standing in front of the Torpedo Room hatch, where the coffee pot was, when they fired a water slug? It just about sucked you, head first, into the Torpedo Room.  
Description of the Torpedo Room: The Torpedo Room was the forward-most of the 6 compartments on the USS Robert E. Lee.  Penetrating the hull, were 6 torpedo tubes and the forward Escape Trunk and Torpedo Loading Hatch.  This compartment was surrounded by Main Ballast Tanks #1, #2 and #3.  It was also surrounded by Sonar Hydrophone Arrays.  The compartment only had one deck, but had a small crew's berthing compartment with a head, known as the Hanging Gardens on the after bulkhead, port side that slept 12.

Photos taken in the Torpedo Room