Radio Room 

Sketch by: Paul Harden, ET1(SS), Gold Crew NavET 1970-76

Artist's Notes: Not one of my better sketches, but decided to include it anyway, since we all well remember those "Radio Grams," and this is the place they were received and prepared. I remember I had a hard time drawing this one, because every time I sat down and drew for a few minutes, some classified message would come in and the RM would boot me out. So after a couple of tries, I just quickly finished it up.  Shown is RM1(SS) Fessler. He was the RM for quite a few patrols. The other radioman I well remember was RM2(SS) Joseph Hayden. A colorful fella, to say the least. He was always pretending to be making a TV documentary, interviewing sailors with a fake mike and camera in the chow line, during WSRT's, field day, etc. His fictional TV personality name was "Farnsley Mozzell." And I have absolutely NO EARTHLY IDEA why I remember that!!!

Photos of the Radio Room

Tom Gailes in the Radio Room around 1966
Submitted by: Tom Gailes, RM1(SS)-LT, Blue/Gold 62-67