Navigation Center 

Sketch by: Paul Harden, ET1(SS), Gold Crew NavET 1970-76

Artist's Notes: The Navigation Center, starboard side, looking aft into the missile compartment. Of course, I drew this because it was *my* old home for 10 patrols :-)
Description of the Navigation Center: Shown in the sketch --- left side: SINS computers.  Center (aft bulkhead): 400 cycle panel, optical alignment scopes, BSQ-2 (Time). Right side: SINS binnacles.  The Navigation Center's primary mission was to supply Fire Control with very actuate positions. Two positions must be known accurately for a successful missile launching - the position of the target and the position of the launcher. Since the launcher was in the ship which was constantly in motion, determining the position of the ship continuously and accurately was a formidable task. Several methods were used to complement each other on the ROBERT E. LEE to provide a high order of accuracy in determining the ship’s position. The heart of the system was the Ship’s Inertial Navigation Systems (SINS), a complex arrangement of gyro-scopes and accelerometers, which sensed ship motions in all directions and kept track of true north. Ship’s position was continuously available from SINS.

Photos taken in the Navigation Center

NavCenter: Port side, looking forward

Tim VeArd, ETN2(SS), Blue NavET, 1965-70

NavCenter, Starboard side, looking forward

Dean Parker, ETR2(SS), Blue NavET, 1965-68

Type 11 Periscope's Piping TAB diagram for a SSBN-598 Class