Sketch by: Paul Harden, ET1(SS), Gold Crew NavET 1970-76

Artist's Notes: This sketch shows: Lt. Ed Williams - EOOW (Engineering Officer of the Watch), ET1(ss) Thomas - RPOW (Reactor Plant), and EM1(ss) George Dingle - "throttleman" "Maneuvering - Conn, Ahead 2/3rds" "Ahead 2/3rds, Conn - Maneuvering aye"
Description of Maneuvering (submitted by: Robert Frey, ET1(SS), Blue 1962-64) : If you were at the entrance to Maneuvering, looking to Starb'd, as in Paul's drawing, what you see is as follows:

* On the forward (Left side) of the picture are the three operator's panels. First: The Steam Plant Control Panel (SPCP). Actually this was Main Propulsion Control, and served no other function. The throttlemen stood their watches there. What's strange is that most of the throttlemen were really junior Electrician's Mates (EM's) (v. MM or EN).  Second: The next position was the Reactor Plant Control Panel (RPCP). This position controlled the "Primary" side of the power plant system. The RPCP operators were mostly senior Electronics Technicians (ET's), with an occasional Interior Communication Electrician (IC) like Denny Marvel thrown in.  Third: Against the Starb'd side of the pressure hull was the Electric Plant Control Panel (EPCP). The EPCP operators controlled the distribution of all 60 cycle and battery (DC) power throughout the submarine. This watch was stood by senior Electrician's Mates (EM's).

*Behind the EPCP Operator's right shoulder was a small podium, with a stool behind it. This was where the EOOW normally roosted.

* On the aft bulkhead (Right Side) in the picture were mounted the Steam Plant alarm (High Salinity in the Condensate/Feed water systems). It was a VERY loud horn. We used to stuff a rag in the bell of the horn to quiet it down a bit.

* Directly behind the RPCP operator on the aft bulkhead was the Reactor Plant alarm. It was a siren, also VERY loud. We gagged this one by taping over the air intake holes in the siren's outer case. Whenever we caught the EOOW asleep on watch, we'd ask the ECPOW (Engineering Chief Petty Officer of the Watch) for permission to test the Reactor Plant alarm. It'd usually wake the dozing officer PDQ.

* There were also two Temperature Monitoring (TM) panels mounted on the aft bulkhead. They recorded temperatures at various places of interest in the Secondary (Steam) systems. They were hooked to the Steam Plant alarm, (IIRC). These were logged every fifteen minutes by he Auxiliary Electrician, (Usually, but not always, a junior ET, EM, or IC).

* In Paul's sketch, the panel operators are standing. We had stools in Maneuvering for the panel operators during my enure with the Lee's Blue Crew. ADM Rickover must have got tougher as he aged <grin>.....

ETR2(SS) Don Riddle behind EWO desk, IC2 Bruce Tuthill (in back)