Diving Stand 
Artist's Notes: Shown in this sketch: ETC(SS) Beoddy - Diving Officer, SN Baker - outboard helmsman, SN(SS) Franklin - inboard helmsman. With LCDR Lambert the OOD - not shown.

Photos taken of the Diving Stand & BCP

Submitted by: Frank Almer, ETCM(SS), Blue/Gold 59-61

Jan 24, 1961 at the Steering and Diving Station. 
From left to right: SN John Darling, Ron Lane IC3(rear), 
PO2 Ganskow, Aux watch (front), Chief Shirley (COB), Frank Almer.

Submitted by: Fred Holden, MMCS(SS), Blue/Gold 62-69

Fred Holden at the BCP around 1968