Crew's Mess & Galley 

Description of the Crew's Mess:  When not standing watch, the Crew's Mess became the center of most activities for most crew members.  Four meals a day were served: breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight rations (mid-rats).  The crew, while on patrol, was divided into 3 watch sections.  Each section stood 6 hours watches on duty and 12 hours off duty.  While one section was on watch, another would usually be sleeping and the other would either up working on their qualifications, performing maintenance on equipment or relaxing.  When the Crew's Mess was not being used for meals, it became the place where many crew members "hung out" to read, swap sea stories or play games (cards, Acey-Ducey, cribbage, etc.).  Even the "on watch" section frequented the Crew's Mess to grab a cup of coffee or glass of "bug juice" (Kool-Aid) after making a "head call" in Crew's Berthing.

Typically, the "on coming" watch section would line up in the Crew's Berthing compartment, on the starboard side until the meal was "called".  Then they would seat one of the 5 tables, which typically sat 8 crew members at each.  On most crews, the table of the port forward corner was reserved for Chief Petty Officers.  Once the "on coming" watch finished eating, they would relieve the section "on watch", who would then line up in Crew's Berthing until their meal was called.

A movie screen could be pulled down on the after bulkhead (back wall) and the 3 tables that faced it had a section that folded down to become the backs for the benches on that side.  The movie projector was in a locker on the forward bulkhead. 

Other activities were also held in the Crew's Mess by each crew.  Listing just a few: Cermonies to present crew members their Dolphins or departing plaque & photo of the Lee; Half Way Night parties; Casino Night; Horse Racing Night; Shellback & Bluenose ceremonies and many others.

 Crew's Mess 1966 - Post 1st Overhaul
ubmitted by RADM James D. Murray, CO Gold / Blue 64-68
Galley 1966 - Post 1st Overhaul

Submitted by
Edward Booth, TMCS(SS), Blue 74-79

Submitted by
Joe White, YN3(SS), Blue 67-70
Casino Night 1967
(left to right) 1-Tom Bonner IC2(SS), 2-Pete Kremborg, 3-Dave Pomeroy ET1(SS), 4-Bruce Tuthill IC2(SS)

Gold Crew Shellback Ceremony 1975
Submitted by: John "Jay" Cronin, RM2(SS), Gold crew 73-75
#3 (l-r):  1:  MT1(SS) P.J. Bohy (Bride),
2: QMC(SS) Baldwin (King Neptune),
3-??, 4- MT2(SS) Jim Stein

Submitted by:  Martin Thiele, YNC(SS), Blue/Gold 64-67
1964 (front-back0: Jerry Lavine ET2(SS), Martin Thiele YN1(SU) & Robert Greene ET2(SS)

CDR L. Hebbard handing Tim VeArd ETN2(SS) a ship's plaque & picture at the end of his 8th and last patrol before getting out of the Navy in May 1970

Movie in Crew's Mess