Crew's Berthing 
Description of Crew's Berthing: Berthing on the Lee was divided among several compartments:

(1) Crew's Berthing: The majority of the crew slept in the lower level operations compartment.  It consisted of 4 aisles running fore and aft, which was divided by one aisle that ran port to starboard where the ladder to middle level ops was.  Each aisle had bunks stacked 3 high on either side.  There were about 96 bunks in this area, 2 showers, 4 sinks and 4 toilets.   All is the space of an averaged sized living room in most houses.

(2) Hanging Gardens: On the after bulkhead, port side of the Torpedo Room was a group of bunks mounted in a small compartment.  It was called the Hanging Gardens, because you had to climb a ladder to get into it.  It had 12 bunks, 1 shower, 1 toilet and 1 sink.  Most crews designated this space as the First Class Quarters (Pay Grade E6).

(3) CPO Quarters:  Also known as the Goat Locker, because it's where the senior enlisted - Chief Petty Officers - slept.  It was located on the starboard side of the middle level Operations compartment, across from the Wardroom and just aft of the galley and food storage lockers.  It had 12? bunks, 1 shower, 1 toilet and 1 sink.  It also had a table that was occasionally used for Qualification Boards.

(4) Officer's Quarters: Known as Officer's Country, it was in the forward section of the Upper Level Operations compartment, forward of the Diving Stand and Sonar Shack.  The Commanding Officer had his own stateroom.  Other officers shared quarters, with two to a stateroom. The officer's head had 1 shower, 2 toilets and 1 sink.

(5) Other: there were a few bunks over the Torpedo tubes and occasionally when needed, mattresses were spread between the missile tubes during sea trails.

Photos taken in Crew's Berthing

Crew's Berthing 1966 - Post 1st Overhaul

Crew's Head 1972
Submitted by:
Walter Magnavice, MM2(SS), Gold 72

View of an aisle in Berthing in 1974

Submitted by:
Brian Heise, MM1(SS) A-Div, Blue crew 1972-75

James "Bo"  Bowman MT3(SS)
in his "rack" (around 1968)

Submitted by:
Michael K. Hartung, STCM(SS), Gold 67-73, 77-82