Portland Reunion Photos 

Saturday Night Dinner  - 9/22/2007

Group & Couple Photos

Cocktail Party starts

Our Commissioning Gold Crew Commanding Officer
Vice Admiral Joe Williams, Jr. is introduced

Donna White and Merrilyn & Ken Boyer

Shawn Burns & Lee Hartung

Our speaker stands on his chair when introduced
Command Master Chief Scott Fusco

"And the crowd goes wild" ... meeting Scotty Fusco

Captain Lee & Rosemary Hebbard

Joe & Donna White

Jack McDevitt and Dave & Barbara Belisle

Merrilyn Boyer and Mary & Jim Stewart

Joe White and Ken Boyer

ETSN Barry Bashaw (1st RE Lee Class Top Gun)
ET1(SS) Rocky Park, Coordinator of TRITRAFAC's
41 for Freedom program

Stan & Brenda Kulsa

Marianne & Bob Bowman

Marilyn & Larry Nutter

Pat & Joe Kozicki and Mary Adams