Portland Reunion Photos 

Saturday Night Speaker & Closing  - 9/22/2007

Photo of the Lee, donated by the Association (thanks to Frank Lister), that will hang on the Quarterdeck
of the Training Facility Facility, Bangor Submarine Base, WA
after being signed by our
Gold Crew's Commissioning Commanding Officer and Chief of the Boat
Command Master Chief Scott Fusco, Vice Admiral Joe Williams, TMCS(SS) Calvin Shirley and
ETSN Barry Bashaw (Honorman and & Top Gun of 1st Class named for the RE Lee)

Tim VeArd introduces our featured speaker
CDMCM(SS) Scott J. Fusco
Command Master Chief of the Trident Training Facility
at the Bangor Submarine Base, WA

Scotty Fusco speaks about the heritage of the
41 for Freedom Boats then explains how the
Trident Training Facility names classes after our boats to honor the legacy our crew left for the sailors who now follow us to sea

Scotty holds up the photo presented
during the RE Lee Class's graduation and asks our Gold Crew's CO and COB to come to the stage and sign it, proclaiming that this tribute will hang in his building forever
to honor our our boat and her crew

FLTCM(SS) Frank Lister COB Blue/Gold 62-69
presents a special photo of the Lee to the TRITRAFAC
during the RE Lee Class's graduation

Gold Crew's Commissioning Commanding Officer
Vice Admiral Joe Williams, Jr. signs the photo

Our Gold Crew's Commissioning Chief of the Boat
TMCS(SS) Calvin Shirley signs the photo

Scotty introduces ET1(SS) Rocky Park, the coordinator of the 41 for Freedom Program at the TRITRAFAC

Scotty introduces ETSN Barry Bashaw, the Honorman and Top Gun of the 1st class to be named for the RE Lee

Vice Admiral Joe Williams acknowledges Seaman Bashaw's accomplishment and encourages him to earn his Dolphins in a quality fashion versus the fastest way

Plaque presented to Barry by Admiral Williams
making him one of the "Best of the Best"
(a member of the Lee'
s crew)

Tim presents Barry the "41 for Freedom Experience" book and a check from the Association, then makes him an associate member of  the Lee Association that will become a full membership when he earns his Dolphins

Barry acknowledges his new 182 "Aunts & Uncles" that he has met at our reunion and thanks our Association

Barry presents the Association a plaque signed by all graduates of the 1st class named for the RE Lee

Tim presents Scotty a plaque making him a Life member of the Lee Association and
the "41 for Freedom Experience" book because he was a Fast Attack sailor and COB and had never made a "boomer" patrol