Portland Reunion Photos 

Friday Night Opening Ceremony - 9/21/2007

Our COBs & COs honored as we present the Colors
Portland Navy Reserve Color Guard: IT1 Jake Petrjanos, ET1 Jim Cameron, IT2 Andrew Turpin & CS3 Colby Riely

COBs (l-r)
Calvin Shirley, TMCS(SS) - Commissioning Gold 59-64
Don Riffle, RMC(SS), Blue & Gold 70-73
"Bob the COB" Meyer, MMCM(SS), Blue & Gold 78-80
Frank Lister, FLTCM(SS), Blue & Gold 67-69
Jeff Coolidge, ETCM(SS), Blue 76-79

Our COBs salute as the National Anthem played

(as per recent law passed that allows veterans to salute our Flag instead of holding hand over our hearts)

Our COs & Honor Guard waiting to enter the ceremony
(helpers Kristina VeArd & Cherie VeArd)

Our COs as the Colors are retired

Our COs (l-r)
CAPT LeRoy B. Hebbard, Jr., CO Blue 68-70
CDR Wallace J. Schlauder, CO Blue & Gold 73-76

The Shilo Inn's Staff pays tribute to our service to our country and welcomes us to Portland
Christine Natonek, Director of Catering
Peggy Gitts-Hauck, Director of Sales

Mary & Jim Stewart welcome us to Portland and
explains how to get around using the vans we rented

Tim VeArd introduces Captain Lee Hebbard

CAPT LeRoy B. Hebbard, Jr., CO Blue 68-70
Opens the Reunion

President Tim VeArd
Announces first call to the evening meal in the Crew's Mess