Portland Reunion Photos 

Eternal Patrol Table Ceremony - 9/22/2007

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Eternal Patrol Table after the ceremony was finished

The table is round to show our everlasting concern for our shipmates now on Eternal Patrol
and all members of the Armed Forces who gave their lives for our country
The cloth is white symbolizing the purity of their intentions when answering the call to duty to serve our country
the POW flag is draped over the front to remember all submariners who were lost in the service of their country

Nick Louque, YN3(SS) Blue 1962-64
Tolls the 5 Boats Lost in September
then all stand while Taps is played

Tim VeArd, ETN2(SS), Blue 1965-70
asks the table Honor Guard to march in to the room

Table Honor Guard marches in to the room

Table Honor Guard marches in to the room

Honor Guard with items to place on the table as they are explained by Tim VeArd

ET1(SS) Rocky Park, 41 for Freedom Coordinator
Trident Training Facility, Bangor Sub Base, WA
Places the chair at the table & tilts it
The chair is empty ---- they are missing

ET1(SS) Justin Blanton, Radioman Training Coordinator
Trident Training Facility, Bangor Sub Base, WA
Places the candle on the table & lights it
The candle is reminiscent of the light of hope that those at home had while waiting on our return

George Brigham, TMC(SS), Gold 1966-70
Places the vase on the table
The vase is tied with a yellow ribbon to remind us of our shipmates on Eternal Patrol and tied with a red ribbon to remind us of the blood shed by our Armed Forces and submariners lost while on patrol

Frank Saunders, ETCM(SS)
Commissioning Blue Crew,1959-69
Puts the rose in the vase
The single red rose reminds us of the life of each of our shipmates now on Eternal Patrol and their loved ones who still miss them

Gil Shaddock, FTC(SS)-CDR
Commissioning Gold Crew, 59-63

Places the bread plate with a lemon on it on the table
A slice of lemon on the bread plate reminds us of the bitter fate of those lost when their boats never returned from patrol

Cliff Porter, EMCS(SS)
Commissioning Blue Crew,1959-62
Pours salt on the bread plate
A pinch of salt symbolizes the many tears shed by their families who miss them

Ed Booth, TMCS(SS), Blue/Gold 1974-79

Places the Bible on the table
The Bible represents the strength gained through faith to sustain those lost from us

Dale Thompson, ATC(SS), Gold 1964-68
Places the wine glass on the table, upside down
The glass is inverted to symbolize their inability to share today’s toast

ETSN(SU) Barry Bashaw, Top Gun & Honorman
1st Class named for RE Lee, TRITRAFAC, Bangor
Places the flags on the table
The flags honors their pride in serving in the Naval Submarine Service to defend our country

Mike Hartung, STCM(SS), Gold 67-73, 77-81
 leads everyone to read the names of our shipmates (as their photos & profiles were displayed on the screen & ships bell tolled) who went on Eternal Patrol since the last reunion
Lee Shipmates who had gone on Eternal Patrol since the last reunion

Alton Brooks, RMCM(SS), Gold Crew COB 1963-65

William F. Brown, MT1(SS), Gold Commissioning Crew 1960-63

John T. Butler, MMC(SS), Blue 65-68

Raylan T. Clark, CWO, Gold 1966-68

Alfred Friedrich, TMCM(SS), Commissioning Blue Crew COB 1963-67

Joesph R. Garchinsky, IC2(SS), Blue 1967-70

Don Holcomb, ETC(SS), Gold 1960-62

Henry D. Hukill, CAPT, Blue 1959-62

Don C. Jelen, YN3(SS), Blue Crew 1970-74

Bruce Nethercott, MM2(SS), Gold 1967-70

James L. Nickle, EM1(SS), Commissioning Gold Crew 1960-63

George W. Scott, CAPT, Blue 1962-64

James (Step) Stephenson, MT2(SS), Gold 1973-77

Kenneth M. Webb, RM1(SS), Gold Crew 1965-66

Donald "Zeke" S. Ziesmann, FTM1(SS), Gold Commissioning Crew 1960-64

Everyone renders their own silent prayer & toast

Everyone renders their own silent prayer & toast

Gil Shaddock, Frank Saunders & Barry Bashaw
Place their hats on the table, step back & salute
The White Hat that is universally recognized as representing the US Navy. We are also placing an officer’s and a chief’s hat to remind us of our shipmates who are no longer with us.

Calvin Shirley, TMCS(SS),
Commissioning Gold Crew COB, 1959-64
 gives the Invocation & Blessing for dinner

Honor Guard renders a salute as everyone sings the Navy Hymn

This ceremony was scripted by Tim VeArd
Lee Assn President & USSVI's Chief Technical Officer
video of this ceremony & the script are available on request to Tim VeArd