Portland Reunion Photos 

Bistro, Lobby & Restaurant - 9/20-22/2007

Dave & Barbara Belisle

Lee Assn Board Dinner
(l-r) Gil Shaddock, Tim VeArd, Audrey & Nick Louque, Mike & Lee Hartung and Mary & Jim Stewart

Leslie & Ron Scarlett

Frank Lister and Frank & Joyce Saunders

Brenda & Stan Kulsa, Frank Saunders, Frank & Gretta Lister and Gloria & Cal Calloway

Brenda & Stan Kulsa, Frank & Gretta Lister and Gloria & Cal Calloway

Karen & Charlie Hooper and Norm Crawford

Calvin & Betty Shirley

Al & Nancy Fitch, "TJ" Lents and Don & Saundra Riffle

Angela & Wayne Booton, ??? and ???

Jim & Mary Stewart and "TJ" Lents

Jim & Mary Denzien

Wayne Booton, John Senn and Loren Keating

Dale & Sue Thompson

Ed Muntz & Chuck Horvath

Clare Doyle & Jerry Mullenax

Bob Bowman & Frank Lister

Al Fitch and "TJ" Lents

Barbara Belisle & Chuck Horvath