Submarine Memorials 

Nick Louque, Treasurer presents the RE Lee Association's Annual donation of $250 to the St. Mary's Submarine Museum  to Museum Director John Crouse on Nov 4, 2005.  Assisting (left to right): President Tim VeArd, CMC Tim &Wanda Pew, Audrey Louque and Lynda VeArd.

Command Master Chief Tim Pew (our speaker at the Reunion in Charleston) was the Master of Ceremonies at the Annual SubVets WWII Tolling of the Lost Boats in King's Bay, GA
Robert E. Lee Association donates $100 to the USSVI Charitable Fund to help restore the USS Tullibee Memorial that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

This marble bench has the Lee's ship's patch engraved on top and "Sponsored by former shipmates of USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN 601)" on the side. The entire $1,400 cost of this bench was funded by contributions made by crew members.

Patriot's Point Cold War Memorial

To thank the crew members of the USS Robert E. Lee for making donations to our Cold War Memorial Fund, we commissioned a Cold War POLARIS Patrol pin and a Cold War SSBN Patrol pin. We awarded them during a moving ceremony at our reunion in Charleston, SC on May 21, 2005 after our marble bench was installed at the Cold War Memorial. Our Reunion's guest speaker, King's Bay COMSUBGRU10's Command Master Chief Tim Pew awarded them to our COs and COBs, who in turn awarded them to our crew. Not a dry eye in the crowd as our wives pinned these on their husbands.

The association arranged a tribute to the USS Robert E. Lee and her crew at the Cold War Memorial that was dedicated in a ceremony at the reunion in Charleston, May 21, 2005. 


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Cold War Memorial and
Cold War Patrol Pin Ceremonies

Tributes to
the USS Robert E. Lee  and her crew
(models and Visual Crew Roster)

Submarine Base Museum, New London, CT
St Mary's Submarine Museum, King's Bay, GA.
Tribute models donated by: 
Nicholas Louque, Jr., YN3(SS), Blue 62-64
see other models at

On Aug 13, 2004, Lee Association founder and first president Gil Shaddock, CDR, Gold 59-63, presented model of USS Robert E. Lee to LCDR Frank Sides, Officer in Charge, Historic Ship NAUTILUS (SSN-571)

US Navy Submarine School Color Guard renders honors as model of the USS Robert E. Lee presented to the museum.  Model built and donated by Nick Louque, YN3(SS), Blue 62-64.

St. Mary's Submarine Museum
King's Bay, GA

Model of USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN/SSN-601) built and donated by Nick Louque, YN3(SS), Blue 62-64.

On Jan 15, 2004, Lee Association president Tim VeArd presented model of USS Robert E. Lee to John Crouse MMCM(SS), St. Mary's Submarine Museum Manager

Model of the Lee positioned in the center and front section of the museum's 41 for Freedom Display Case
Memorial Bricks

Another form of tribute to our boat that members passed as an amendment at the New Orleans Reunion was to buy bricks at various memorials that have a Navy or submarine connection. Our first brick was purchased for $50 at the Avery Point Lighthouse Society in Groton, CT. Our brick will join many other boat associations, USSVI and SubVets WWII are buying for their boats and those boats lost during WWII. 

If you know of a memorial that offers bricks as a fund raiser, especially ones that feature a submarine’s sail as part of the display, please contact Tim VeArd.  If you live in the New London area, please look for this brick and send us a photo for the website.

visit their website:

Submarine Force Museum, Groton Submarine Base, Groton, CT
Photos submitted by Lynda R. VeArd, August 2000
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Museum's official website

Walkway in behind museum leading to 
USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
You can walk through the forward section of the boat (most areas behind glass) while listening to descriptions broadcasted to a hand held wand

Walkway in front of museum
with captured Japanese subs 
and other static displays

Walkway in front of museum 
Trident Missile Tube Display

41 For Freedom Memorial
Sail of USS George Washington (SSBN-598)

Sail of USS George Washington (SSBN-598)
41 For Freedom Memorial Wall in background

41 For Freedom Memorial Wall
Listing all the Original 41 SSBNs

41 For Freedom Memorial Wall Center Panel
Showing USS George Washington (SSBN-598)

41 For Freedom Memorial Wall Left Most Panel
Showing USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601)

Pacific Northwest Submarine Heritage Association's Deterrent Park, Sub Base, Bangor, WA

Opened in April 2000 to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Submarine Fleet, the proudly named "Deterrent Park" offers a place for learning, quiet contemplation, and a natural location for honoring our shipmates on distinguished occasions.  The park will be at Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, centrally located near Submarine Group NINE headquarters. TRIDENT Training Facility, and the Off-Crew Administration Building.  The centerpiece of the park is full-scale replica of an FBM submarine topside with the USS WOODROW WILSON (SSBN 624) sail and upper rudder.   Additional features is the Forty-One For Freedom Memorial, story boards describing Submarine Force history, and a ceremonial area.  Displays of submarine photos and other memorabilia will be located in the adjacent TRIDENT Training Facility.

Cold War Submarine Memorial Foundation, Charleston, SC

To honor the men of the Cold War Submarine Force and as a reminder of the freedoms these mighty machines protected, the Cold War Submarine Memorial Foundation is a unique and breathtaking memorial. Located at the harbor in Charleston, SC, the memorial serves as an enduring memory of the contributions of the United States Submarines.   The theme of this enduring memorial is to recognize the unique contributions of United States Navy submarines and those who served in them during the Cold War in the cause of world peace and freedom. The Fleet Ballistic Missile (SSBN) submarine has been selected to symbolize these ships because of the unique and singularly successful deterrent role they quietly served during this period. Charleston, South Carolina, is the appropriate site for this memorial since it was from Charleston that more SSBN crews departed in or to their ships for strategic deterrent patrol during the Cold War than from any other port in the United States. In fact, each of the original "Forty-One for Freedom" SSBNs began their inaugural patrol from the Cooper River.

   The memorial is constructed around the actual sail and rudder of the USS LEWIS AND CLARK (SSBN 644). The rest of the superstructure is  Gunnite to the appropriate scale representative of the SSBN hull. Adjacent to the hull is a flagpole in a raised platform with a compass rose inlaid in the deck. The landscaping surrounding the memorial resembles a bow wave that passes over the bow and continues down the side of the boat and into the stern wake.

   The Memorial has been incorporated into the patriotic programs at Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum on Charleston harbor, which is home to World War II Aircraft Carrier YORKTOWN the diesel Submarine CLAMAGORE, Destroyer LAFFEY, USCG Cutter INGHAM, and the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum honoring recipients from 1861 to present.