Chronological History of the USS Robert E. Lee 
1958 Aug 25 Keel laid on Shipway #5, Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company.
1959 Dec 18 Launched.
1960 Sept 16 Commissioned.
Nov USS ROBERT E. LEE operated in and out of Newport News.
Dec 2 She got underway for the Narragansett Bay Operating Area for torpedo firing tests. Following the successful firing of five torpedoes on December 6th, she sailed for Cape Kennedy and arrived on the 12th. The submarine then loaded Polaris test missiles.
Dec 22 Conducted her first Polaris A-1 missile launch. The missile ran "hot and true" and hit the target.  It was the first completely successful "shot" on the first attempt.  It was also the first A1 test that was programmed to ignite underwater.
1961 Jan She conducted additional simulated missile launches and on the 15th departed for the Bermuda Operating Area. There, joined by USS TORSK (SS-423) on the 15th, she engaged in anti-submarine training. Returning to Norfolk on January 30th, she entered the Newport News dry-dock on  February 3rd for a month of yardwork. She departed Newport News on March 17th, loaded torpedoes at Yorktown on the 25th.
Apr 9 Arrived Cape Kennedy and conducted "special operations".
May 2 Departed for her first Patrol, with 16 A-1 Polaris missiles.
Jul 9 Returned from first patrol (after establishing a record by staying submerged for 68 days, 4 hours and 15 minutes).  Arrived in Holy Loch, Scotland, alongside the USS Proteus AS-19, where she joined SUBRON 14 on July 10th.
Aug 9 She conducted practice torpedo firing during the first week of August and then departed Holy Loch for her 2nd deterrent patrol.
1961 - 1965 Operated out of the Holy Loch until the completion of her 16th patrol.
1965 Feb 23 She arrived at Mare Island, CA for her first overhaul, refueling and weapons system modification allowing her to carry the Polaris A-3 missile.
1966 Aug 9 After sound trails in Puget Sound and a brief port of call in San Diego, she left the west coast and transited through the Panama Canal.
Sep 4 Arrived in Charleston, S.C.  (after dodging Hurricane Hope).
Oct 10 Successfully fired a tactical Polaris A-3 missile during DASO at Cape Canaveral.
Dec 5 Blue crew departed Charleston for patrol #17 with 16 A-3 Polaris missiles to end at the Holy Loch.
1966 - 1970 Deterrent patrols numbers 17 through 33 out of the Holy Loch.
1971 Jan Entered Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNY).  On January 21, 1971 she started her second overhaul and refueling.
1972 Aug Left Puget Sound to transit the Panama Canal. The Lee visited Cape Kennedy, Charleston and Norfolk before once again being home ported out of New London/Groton area. 
Oct 10 Blue crew successfully launched a Polaris A3T missile at Cape Kennedy during the post overhaul DASO.
1973 - 1976 Deterrent patrols numbers 34 & 35 out of Rota, Spain.  
Patrols 36 through ?? out of Guam.
1973 Jan 16 Deployed for patrol with 16 A-3 Polaris missiles to end in Rota, Spain.
Aug 10 After normal operations and two patrols out of Rota, she once again transited the Panama Canal for a change of homeport. As the Lee left the Atlantic Ocean, it officially ended deployment of the A-3 Polaris missile weapons system in the Atlantic Fleet.
Sep 5 Arrived in Pearl Harbor. After a month in Hawaii, she sailed for Apra, Guam and began her final deployment for deterrent operations.
1974 Oct 15 Successfully launched five A3T missiles in a Follow-On Operational Test (FOT).
1976 - 1978 Blue and Gold crews where once again combined and the Lee underwent her third refueling at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, CA.
1978 Fall After leaving Mare Island, the crews where split again.  Blue crew took the Lee through the Panama Canal to Florida for DASO, while the Gold crew was flown to Hawaii.
Dec The Gold crew was flown to Cape Kennedy for the DASO, then the boat proceeded back through the Canal (while in the locks, the crew held  a BBQ on the missile deck while waving at passengers on the Pacific Princess a.k.a. the "Love Boat").
1979 Jan After a brief port of call in San Diego, Lee proceeded to Bangor, WA and spent a month there while loading missiles, then proceeded to her home port in Hawaii.
Mar Arrived in Honolulu and the Blue crew made the first post overhaul patrol.  Months later, the Gold was flown to Guam to relieve the Blue crew.
1979 - 1981 Deterrent patrols numbers ?? through 55 out of Guam.
1981 Feb Mid-patrol break in Chin-hae, South Korea.
Oct 1 ROBERT E. LEE completed her 55th patrol, which was also the US Navy’s last Polaris patrol. Crossed the Equator and International Date Line at same time.
1982 Jan The Lee left Pearl Harbor and headed for the explosive handling wharf at Bangor.
Feb 28 Her A-3 missiles were off loaded and officially ended the US Navy's Polaris program. 
Mar 1 ROBERT E. LEE was redesignated SSN-601, then operated operated out of Pearl Harbor as an attack submarine with a consolidated crew for the next year (the crew nicknamed these operations as "slow attack").
Jun During the summer of 1982, she deployed to San Diego to conduct Midshipmen operations and other exercises, then returned to Pearl Harbor. 
1983 Feb She entered Puget Sound Naval Shipyard to defuel the reactor and remove her missile section.
Nov 30 Both the USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN/SSN-601) and the USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN/SSN-610) were was decommissioned in joint ceremony held aboard the USS Missouri (BB-63).
1991 Sep 30 Completed her disposal through SRP at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. The USS Robert E. Lee's reactor now lies buried in the trench at the Hanford Site, which occupies 560 square miles of south central Washington desert on a plateau about seven miles from the Columbia River.