USS Robert E. Lee Association Charter 


 USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601) Association

 This charter establishes the USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601) Association, hereinafter referred to as "The Association", in accordance with the unanimous direction of the crew members attending the USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601) initial reunion held September 20 - 21, 1991 in Groton, CT. 


The purpose of The Association is to further the continuation of associations formed and the good fellowship established among the officers and men who served on the USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601) during her long and illustrious career successfully devoted to deterrence of war. Toward this end reunions will be held biennially. 


The following offices are established to conduct the business of The Association on behalf of the members:

President's Responsibilities:

Determining the location and exact dates of the next reunion with due consideration to the desires of the majority of the members.

Advance planning for the reunion and implementation of the plan.

Authorization of expenditures from The Association treasury.

The appointment of two advisors to assist the president as required.

The appointment of a Coordinator/Host from the general locale of the next reunion to assist the president in planning, interfacing, and other preparations for a reunion.

Vice President's Responsibilities:

Assisting the President.

Replacing the President if he becomes incapacitated or otherwise unable to discharge his duties.

Secretary/Treasurer's Responsibilities:

Maintaining a record of The Association meetings.

Correspondence required to keep members informed.

Maintaining a roster of The Association members.

Receipt and custody of member dues in a non-interest bearing account.

Accounting of funds to members within two months after each Association meeting.


The election of officers will be accomplished on the final day of each reunion. Candidates will be nominated from the floor and officers elected by a simple majority of the members in good standing (Dues Paid) attending. No provision is made for absentee or proxy voting.


Membership in The Association is open to all who ever served on the USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601) and to widows of those who served.


Each member will be assessed a $10.00 initial fee.

Each member will be assessed a $10.00 annual fee, the first payable in March 1992 and yearly thereafter. These funds will be used solely for up-front expenses associated with reunions, to reduce the reunion registration cost of members, and to provide for costs of correspondence.