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Shipmate's Special Achievements

We all earned Dolphins
That alone is an achievement!

Pride Runs Deep
This page lists special events, notable achievements or unusual accomplishments that former
USS Robert E. Lee shipmates have achieved.  If you want to list one of your own achievements or know of one made by another shipmate, please contact us at:  .
VADM Charles H. "Chuck" Griffiths, Blue XO 59-62, CO 62-64 stars in a movie 

Admiral Griffiths, when a young LT, in 1954 (movie released in 1955), plays a supporting role in "It Came from Beneath the Sea".  The movie is perhaps one of the worse ones you'd "love" to watch.  It features a WWII diesel boat that is "supposed to be" a modern (for then) nuclear fast attack.   Our later Blue Crew CO battles a Giant Octopus, whose feeding habits have been affected by radiation from  H-Bomb tests, rises from the Mindanao Deep to terrorize the California Coast.

Click the link below to watch a trailer of this movie
(it can be rented from NETFLIX):


(l-r) leading man, Kenneth Toby and LT Chuck "Griff" Griffiths

(l-r) LT Chuck "Griff" Griffiths and leading man, Kenneth Toby

The son of one of our USS Robert E. Lee Commanding Officers, Wallace J. Schlauder, CDR (Blue/Gold 1973-76),
CDR Wes Schlauder now commands the Virginia Class submarine, the USS North Carolina (SSN-777)

CDR Wes Schlauder in the Control Room of USS North Carolina

Click the photo above or the link below to read an article (with several videos in it) that highlight
CDR Wes Schlauder and the USS North Carolina (SSN-777)


Gilbert "Gil" P. Shaddock, CDR (Gold 1959-63)
US SubVet's 2010 Submarine Veteran of the Year

Lee shipmate, Michael Bircumshaw (CWO2, Blue/Gold 64-67), US SubVet National Commander, presents Gil USSVI's highest award on September 4, 2010 at the National Convention in Cincinnati

Lee shipmate, Tim VeArd, presents Gil his Negri plaque at USSVI's Snug Harbor Base meeting in Satellite Beach on September 11, 2010
Gil Shaddock was selected to receive USSVI's highest award, the Joe Negri Submarine Veteran of the year, in recognition of his many years of work on DeckLog (www.decklog.com).  DeckLog is at the heart of the USSVI national membership database and hundreds of websites that many USSVI Bases and submarine associations now use (donated by past Lee Association president, Tim VeArd).  DeckLog was started in 1998 by Tim VeArd, Gil and Michael Hartung (STCM(SS) Gold 67-73. 77-81).  When Tim became USSVI's CTO (Chief Technical Officer), Gil took on the role of webmaster for countless websites and worked (often 12 hours a day), entering hundreds of thousands records to make the national USSVI website (www.ussvi.org) "the" most complete resource available for information about the US Navy's submarine force.  Among the many accomplishments Gil achieved are: entering about 2,000 submarine reunions a year; almost 250,000 history items for about 7,000 ships; over 4,000 medals earned by submariners; about 1,000 citations earned by submarines and a long list of other data found on the USSVI family of websites.

Tim VeArd
US SubVet's 2008 Submarine Veteran of the Year

Click here to read the article
about Tim's award in the American Submariner

Joe Negri was a WWII Subvet and later COB on USS Piper. He was a prime mover in the creation of USSVI along with several others, and is considered to be our primary founder. Now deceased, Joe was a legend on the Groton Sub Base waterfront, and also well known for signing up new members using the back of a cocktail napkin as an application form!

Tim was voted to be this year's awardee because he has made gigantic contributions to the advancement of this organization. While Tim prefers to remain in the background, it is only right that his accomplishments and dedication see the light of day and he receive just recognition for his work.

USSVI, Naval Submarine League (NSL) and Sub Vets WWII online database & national web sites, over 100 USSVI Base and NSL Chapter websites, hundreds of submarine & ship websites,  and the national USSVI Membership and voting system are all testimonial to his expertise and generosity.

Certificate sent to Mike "Squeak" Hartung (STCM(SS), Gold 67-73, 77-81) and SSBN-601 Association Vice President. 

At the New Orleans Reunion, Mike challenged all shipmates to grow a pony tail and when it reached the appropriate length, cut off and send the hair to the "Locks of Love" group.  Mike and several shipmates met the challenge.

USS Razorback (SS-394) returns to the USA after serving in the Turkish Navy since Nov 1970 (named Murat Reis) .
Shipmate Nick Louque (YN3(SS) Blue 62-64) stands topside watch on her as she is docked in New Orleans and then served as tour guide for visitors.  Nick is "standing tall" even after over 40 years since standing a topside watch on the USS Robert E. Lee in Holy Loch.

US Naval Institute
Oral History

Williams, Joe, Jr.
(1922- )
Vice Admiral,
U.S. Navy (Retired)
For more information about the Naval Institute, visit this website: www.usni.org. To order this Oral History about VADM Williams click here
This volume describes a remarkable career that began when Williams entered boot camp in 1940 and then went through machinist's mate school at the Ford Motor Company. He served 1941-44 in the seaplane tender Matagorda (AVP-22), advancing from fireman to chief machinist's mate. In 1944 he was commissioned an ensign and went through a number of combat landings in the Pacific on board the rocket-equipped LCI(R)-225. In 1945 he became her skipper. Tours of duty later in the 1940s: the Columbia River Group of the Pacific Reserve Fleet, the destroyer Robert L. Wilson (DD-847), and Submarine School. In the 1950s he fit in studies at the University of California at Berkeley among tours on board the submarines Ronquil (SS-396), Icefish (SS-367), Bashaw (SSK-241), and Bluegill (SSK-242). He commanded the latter during intelligence operations in the North Pacific. He also spent a year as a student at the Naval War College and was picked by Admiral Hyman Rickover for the Navy's nuclear power course, even though he didn't yet have a college degree. In the early 1960s he put two ballistic missile submarines into commission as skipper, the Robert E. Lee (SSBN-601) and George Bancroft (SSBN-643). He served from 1966 to 1968 as deputy director of the Special Projects Office and later led a study group that developed plans for the Los Angeles (SSN-688)-class submarines. After serving as chief of staff to ComSubLant, Vice Admiral E. P. Wilkinson, Williams was selected for flag rank. In 1973-74 he commanded the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, and from 1974 to 1977 served as Commander Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet. In retirement he worked for the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics
Naval Submarine League Names Award After
Frank Lister, TMCM(SS), Blue/Gold 62-69, Gold Crew COB 67-69

Master Chief Hudson, who was our guest speaker at the Cocoa Beach Reunion in October 2001 receives the NSL Frank Lister Award, which was presented by Frank Lister.
The Naval Submarine League has created the Master Chief Frank A. Lister Award that recognizes a submarine Chief of the Boat (COB) who has displayed exceptional leadership and motivation of his crew. One award will be presented annually to a submarine senior or master chief petty officer who is serving as or has recently served as Chief of the Boat in a submarine during the nomination period. The first Lister award will be presented at the NSL Annual Symposium in 2001.

Jeff Hudson, MTCM(SS)

was awarded the Naval Submarine League's
 Master Chief Frank A. Lister Award for 2001

For outstanding performance while serving as Chief of the Boat in USS WYOMING (SSBN 742) (BLUE).

Master Chief Hudson was the USS Robert E. Lee Association's Key Note Speaker at the Cocoa Beach Reunion October 2001
1990 - Reed Popovich Appears in Movie "The Hunt for Red October" LT Michael R. Popovich, who was the M-DIV, A-DIV and RL01 Officer while on the Gold crew from 1980-82 played the part of LT Jim Curry on the USS Dallas in the 1990 movie The Hunt for Red October. To see his Actor Filmograph, click here http://us.imdb.com/Name?Popovich,+Reed.

Comments from his shipmates:

Submitted by: Pat Bishop-Brown, MM2(SS), Gold 80-81

     'Mr. P' was my first division officer when I reported to the Lee, in fact I think he was the division officer the whole time I was on board. The Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite submarine movies, I have the tape and DVD.  The credits for the movie show LCDR Reed Popovich separate from the Dallas crew.  He is on the USS Rueben James, where the helicopter "SeaHawk 1" comes from and drops the torpedo.  I noticed a bunch of technical errors in just his part of the movie:  (1) he's wearing his LCDR clusters, (2) he's doing an enlisted crew members job and (3) I can't zoom in far enough to tell if he's wearing his dolphins or not, but I guess that part could be correct.