Chief's Quarters 

Description of the Chief's Quarters: There were 12 bunks and a head, just aft of the table area shown in the photos:  Also known as the Goat Locker, because it's where the senior enlisted - Chief Petty Officers - slept.  It was located on the starboard side of the middle level Operations compartment, across from the Wardroom and just aft of the galley and food storage lockers.  It 1 shower, 1 toilet and 1 sink.  It also had a table that was occasionally used for Qualification Boards.

Chief's Quarters1966 - Post 1st Overhaul

Submitted by Kato Lee Davenport, RMCS(SS), Blue 68-70

COB Jerry Kaufman TMC(SS)
Jerry Lavine ETC(SS),
Everett Berndtson FTCM(SS),
Lou Di Paolo MMC(SS)