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USS Robert E. Lee Videos

This 2 DVD set was given to all who attended the Portland reunion.  Remaining sets were offered for a donation to the Association's Memorial Fund.  All proceeds were used to fund our plaque at the Naval Memorial and our Christmas For Troops project. 

We have completely "sold out" and there are no DVDs left.

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DVD #1 Label

DVD #1 - Video Menu

The History of the Lee * (46 minutes): This 1st video contains over 450 documents and photos. It also has several movie clips and submarine sounds & music. The video follows the Lee’s time line from 1958 to 1991, with these images and clips appearing as closely to their place in time as possible. It features recorded video and audio messages (clips) submitted by several of the USS Robert E. Lee’s Commanding Officers (COs) and Chiefs of the Boat (COBs).  During segments that don’t feature a CO’s or a COB’s recorded remembrance, submarine music or songs that relate to the Lee are played while images are displayed. The USS Robert E. Lee Association appreciates Tommy Cox (CTCS(SS), USN ret) for donating the use of his music from the "Take Her Deep" album. His music also appeared in the History Channel's two hour documentary about the book "Blind Man's Bluff".

Crew Photos Back Then * (28 minutes): This 2nd video has about 500 snapshots of the crew, shown in random order. These photos were all taken while they were on the Lee. It's a Power Point presentation shown at the 2007 Reunion in Portland, OR that was converted into a video with submarine music in the background.

Crew Profiles * (29 minutes): The 3rd video displays about 400members of the crew in alphabetic order. It only shows shipmates that we had photos of. It shows their Rate/Rank symbols, Dolphins & Patrol Pin, NOW & THEN photos, time onboard info, Naval career info and what they were doing in the year 2007. These images were produced using a computer program written by Tim VeArd to extract information from websites he’s donated to the Lee, the US Submarine Veterans and the Naval Submarine League. It's a Power Point presentation shown at the 2007 Reunion in Portland, then converted into a video. (Note: we’ve asked everyone, for years, in newsletters and E-Grams to submit their photos.)

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Waiting on the Robert E. Lee 1962 * (30 minutes): This is an official US Navy promotional film about the Lee. It's in black & white. It was shot during an early Gold Crew patrol, around 1962, when VADM Joe Williams, Jr. and CAPT Reuben F. Woodall were in command. It shows an early patrol that starts in Naval housing in New London. It has scenes showing a crew flight, traveling through Scotland, staying on the tender and change of command. Then it shows a patrol with many shipmates and ends with the actor shipping over for another tour.

Panama Canal & DASO Launch
- Fall 1966 * (8 minutes): A home movie shot by Ron Jansen (ET3(SS), Blue Crew NavET 1965-66) during the Lee's transit through the Panama Canal in 1966 after the first yard period in Mare Island. It also has the DASO launch of the Lee's first A3 missile. RADM James D. Murray was in command. It's in color.

Gold Crew Patrol #18 - February to April 1967 * (30 minutes): A home movie shot and narrated by Ship’s Doctor, CDR Eric Kindwall. It's in color and has lots of footage of the crew below decks in unclassified spaces, from crew flight to the end of that patrol. CAPT Richard Hoover was in command, but it shows the Blue Crew at the change of command with RADM James D. Murray on the tender.

Cold War Ceremonies from Reunion #8 - May 2005
* (15 minutes): Videos of the Lee association's bench dedication ceremony, shot by Lynda VeArd, at the Cold War Memorial in Charleston, SC during the 8th Reunion in May 2005. It also has the emotional Cold War Pin ceremony at the end of that reunion, where our COs and COBs presented these pins to all who served under them.

Videos produced in the fall of 2007 — all rights reserved by the
USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN/SSN-601) Association

created & narrated by Tim VeArd, Association President, Blue Crew NavET 1965-70
Video clips by

in order of appearance

Vice Admiral Joe Williams, Jr., Commissioning Gold Crew CO, 1960-64
Rear Admiral James D. Murray, Jr., CO Blue & Gold Crews, 1964-68
Captain Le Roy B. Hebbard, Jr., CO Blue Crew, 1968-70
Captain Lester F. Demmin, CO Gold Crew, 1972-73
QMCM(SS) Francis X. Baldwin, COB Gold Crew, 1981-82
ET3(SS) Ron Jansen, Blue Crew, 1965-66
Commander Eric P. Kindwall, MD, Gold Crew Ship’s Doctor, 1967
Lynda R. VeArd
Audio clips by

in order of appearance

Vice Admiral Charles H. Griffiths, Commissioning Blue XO 59-62, CO Blue 62-64
TMCS(SS), Calvin R. Shirley, Commissioning Gold Crew COB, 1959-64
FLTCM(SS), Franklin A. Lister, COB Gold Crew, 1967-69
ICCS(SS) Thomas J. Lents, COB Blue Crew, 1972-75
MMCM(SS) Robert C. Meyer, COB Blue & Gold Crews, 1978-80
Captain Bernard D. Greeson, PhD, CO Blue Crew 1980-81, CO SSN-601 1981-83
Music by CTCS(SS) Tommy Cox, from his "Take Her Deep" album
Neil Diamond, from the movie "The Jazz Singer"
The US Navy Band, from an official US Navy film

* These DVDs may not play on older DVD players, but should play on all computers.

* *  Each DVD has an interactive menu with clips from each chapter . Use your remote control’s cursor buttons (right, left, up & down) to scroll to a chapter’s clip, then press the SELECT button to view just that one. Or play all chapters, staring with the first, by pressing your PLAY button, which will show each chapter in order that you see them in the clip windows. Each chapter ends by playing the next one.